Heirlooms by Tony

stained glass art, 3 dimensional glass work, stained glass heirlooms

Blue Amphora

Blue Amphora, glass is a

combination of double-

chipped feather glass and

light blue swirl water glass.

Inset is a small piece I used

to practice drawing and

artwork using molten lead.

Top of octagon body has 8

small rectangles of cobalt blue and clear feather glass.

Lip is iridescent hammered glass. Base is approx. 2"

across and top of body is approx. 7" across.

Neck is approx. 2 1/2" in length. All metal is

antique copper finish. 

Price: $95.00 plus S&H

Daisy Bud Vase

                                                                        The Daisy bud vase is six sided.

   Glass is plum water glass and

   clear is single chip glass.

   Bottom is 3 2/4" across.

   Height is 10 1/4".

   Opening at top is 1 3/4"

   Flare is pedalized.

   Price: $60.00 plus S&H



French Estate

Combination of feather

glass and light blue

Vecchio with

multiple clear facets.

This vase is 19" tall x 7"

each side.  Lip is 5.25"

x 5.25" sq.

Oval is 3"x5" beveled

oval with 3" tall neck.

Price: $350.00 plus S&H










Antique Emerald


Green Vecchio corners

and feather glass.

Antique copper patina.

This vase is 15 1/2" tall

x 4" at bottom and 4

1/2" at top

Price: $100.00 plus S&H


Vintage Champagne

Champagne Vecchio,

beveled oval (3"x5"),

plum trim and feather


The vase is 16" tall,

5 1/2"x 5 1/2" bottom

5" x 5" top

Price: $180.00 plus S&H



Vase body is 4 1/2" x

 4 1/2". It is 17 1/4
 " tall. The neck is 4
 " tall and the width of
 the flare at top is 3"
 x 3".
 Glass is black water glass 
 and the clear is irridescent
 hammered cathedral glass.
 All metal is antiqued copper.
Price: $150 plus S&H


Bottom is 4 1/2" by 4 1/2"
square. Both clear sides have
metal filigree at bottom (not
Top of main body is 5 1/2"
by 5 1/2" square. Neck is
2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square at
bottom and top of neck
is 2 7/8" x 2 7/8"
square. Neck is tall.
Ruby red lip is 5/8"
wide and the flare of the lip
spans 4 inches square.
All red glass is hammered crimson
cathedral glass (dark ruby red
and all clear is single chipped.
Faceted oval is 5" x 3" and surrounded by crimson glass.
All metal is antique copper.
The most difficult part to make was the thin crimson outline
of the faceted oval. There is approximately 20 hours time
to create.
Price: $350.00 plus S&H

Ruby Red Bud Vase

Ruby & faceted crystal bud vase.

It is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and it is

15" tall.

The body is 10" and the

neck is 5" tall.

All metal is antique copper.

Red is hammered cathedral

glass and the clear neck is

double chip glass.

Price: $70.00 plus S&H

Sweetbaby Filigree

This is what the filigree

that is on "Sweetbaby"

looks like.

La Rosa


Ruby & faceted crystal

bud vase. It is 2 "

x 2 " and it is 15" tall.

The body is 10" and the

neck is 5" tall.

All metal is antique


Red is hammered cathedral

                                                                glass and the clear neck is

                                                                double chip glass.

                                                                Price: $70.00 plus S&H

Crystal Plum

Glass is a combination of plum

water glass, light plum/gray

milk glass in each corner and

iridescent hammered clear

cathedral glass for side panels.

Overall height is approx. 15"

Both front and back incorporate

a 3" by 5" clear, faceted oval.

All metal is antique copper


Base of vase is approx. 4 1/2"

by 4 1/2".  

Price: $135.00 plus S&H



Green water glass

and clear iridescent

cathedral glass trim. 

Metal finish is

antique copper.

This vase is 20" tall

X 6" top diameter

x 4" bottom diameter.

Price: $190.00 plus S&H